Our multi-disciplinary team of high calibre scientists, technologists and academics are supported by a stat of the art infrastructure. Our unique cross-fertilisation of ideas, across disciplines and corporate hierarchies, has evolved a process of cutting edge integration. This integrated mindset assimmilates both in-house and freelance research expertise, private & governmental, so allowing us to continually and swiftly innovate new technologiest. This innovation defineds our ethos and economic efficency;

Main Areas of R&D Activity :

Strain development and improvement by genetic enginering and point mutation techniques and process optimisation.

Development of process technology for Chiral substances and APIs

Development of Novel Drug Delivery System.

Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies.

Technology scale-up, scale-down and transfer.
Research & Development

Muscle Relaxant

 PEPTIDES Synthetic Peptides for 
Diagnostics & APIs

 BIO-TECH Fungal Diastase