Lumis Biotech Ltd.
Lumis Biotech started as the Bio-technology Division of Khandelwal Laboratories Ltd. in 1995, with the setting up of an R&D laboratory. This was further expanded with the commissioning of the pilot-scale fermentation plant with facilities for solid and submerged systems which led to the recognition of the facility by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India. Through in-house efforts the production technology of Cellulase at a pilot plant scale was developed. The full-fledged Bio-technology Division has now been formed into an independent enzyme manufacturing company : Lumis Biotech Limited for a better focus.

Currently manufacturing efforts are directed towards Industrial Enzymes (highly efficient biocatalysts) - used in the textile, pharmaceutical, food, feed, jute and paper industries. Our product range includes various formulations of Cellulases of required in the textile industry for bio-washing and bio-polishing of cotton and denim, amylases for desizing and catalases for bleach clean-up in the knit industry.

Lumis Biotech belongs to the K-Genix Group which has embarked upon the path of becoming a key global player in the niche areas of Healthcare, Chiral chemicals and bio-technology. K-Genix has a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, technologists, and academics who have a unique cross fertilisation of ideas across disciplines and corporate hierarchies and have evolved a process of cutting edge integration. This integrated mindset assimmilates in-house, freelance, private and governmental research to swiftly innovate new technologies